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2008 Ford Taurus X

When the Freestyle failed to capture the attention of the crossover-buying public, Ford took action. Designers slapped a three bar grille on the front end, got creative with the headlights and upped the power with a Duratec 3.5L V6 engine. And they changed the Freestyle's name to the Taurus X. Well, either nobody noticed or they just didn't give a damn.

2008 Ford Taurus X-12008 Ford Taurus X-2Ford is finally set to end the roomy crossover's misery in February 2009 when the last model is built at Ford's Chicago plant. Ford cited in a brief release that ditching the Taurus X will enable the Dearborn-based automaker to focus its attention on the seven-passenger Flex. Since the Flex is both cooler and better than the Taurus X in every way, we'd say that was a good call.

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