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Cadillac SRX comes to Geneva

GM seems to look at 2009 as the only way it can get back on the saddle. In many respects, this might very well be true. GM has been struggling for months now to keep its business afloat and one of the ways it thinks this can be achieved is by becoming visible to consumers.

Cadillac SRX After announcing earlier today that the Geneva Show will witness no less than four Corvette sports cars, GM will also widen its Cadillac range. Geneva will be the place were the new SRX will be premiered. The 3.0l V6 engine that powers the car uses he latest technology of direct fuel injection and variable valve timing, which allows it to achieve optimal fuel economy
and a 25 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Cadillac SRX benefits from an all-wheel-drive system that uses an electronically regulated limited-slip rear differential (eLSD) to transfer power front and rear, as well as divided left and right. The differential directs up to 100 percent of engine torque to the wheel with the most traction.

The all-new SRX rides on wide 1910 mm tracks, while both length and height dimensions are reduced compared to the current model. The SRX was design to meet European pedestrian protection standards and has a lowered front bumper.

“The all-new Cadillac SRX represents the next generation of innovative, dynamic crossovers for customers of luxury vehicles. New technologies offer better drivetrain efficiency and safety, while the design expresses power and dynamics. The new SRX connects with customers of premium cars emotionally as well as rationally. Simply put, this crossover is for people who value performance and utility,“ Mark McNabb, Cadillac vice president said.

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