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Citroen DS Inside

Among the most-awaited concept cars at the Geneva show was the Citroen DS Inside, prototype of the twin Chevron, showing the road the company will take in the future, in terms of style, communication and brand image.

Citroen DS Inside-1Citroen DS Inside-2Citroen has managed to include just about everything in the small DS Inside, which will reach the market in 2010 with the DS3 model, heir to the current C3. The model has been created to revive the concept of “créative technologie”, with its unmistakable style, technology, originality, substance and quality. Citroen has enjoyed presenting this upmarketing, but without the price, as rigorously highlighted by the company.

The debut was near-perfect but the only gripe we have was in the choice of colouring. This “Dandy” version was certainly true to its name, with pearl grey matched to bright pink - a far cry from the more elegant “Seduction” version which had dark brown and metallic reflections.

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