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2009 Mercedes CL AMG Sport Package

Not only did the 2009 Mercedes S-Class receive the sporty once over, the big-boy 2009 Mercedes CL got the AMG Sport Package too. Again, we hope you didn't actually want all the AMG performance advantages.

2009 Mercedes CL AMG Sport Package-12009 Mercedes CL AMG Sport Package-2As with the 2009 S-Class AMG Sport Package, the 2009 Mercedes CL AMG Sport Package receives a new sporty body kit akin to a nicely tailored, bespoke pin-striped suit. Larger air intakes cut into the newly sculpted front fascia, large exhaust tips poke out of a blackout section in the new rear fascia and a re-sculpted side skirt brings the package together.

Like the S-Class AMG Sport, the CL receives two attractive wheel options, 19- and 20-inch versions with silver painted calipers sitting directly behind. If you're the type of guy who's all show and no go, then this is the ride for you. Pick it up in June along with the S-class. They're both sure to impress the ladies.

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