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2009 Ferrari F142

Ferrari is preparing to unveil its new V8 supercar, codenamed F142, later in 2009. We still don’t know the name of the production car, but some alphanumeric combination between F400 and F500 are possible badges for the F430 successor, reflecting the mid-engined V8’s displacement.

2009 Ferrari F142 Today’s F430 is essentially a rebodied 360 Modena, which dates back to 1999. Ferrari types will deny it, but lift the engine cover of Ferrari’s junior supercar and you’ll find F133e stamped in the engine bay; F133 was the codename for the 360 and ‘e’ stands for evoluzione, you see.

Ferrari is on record as saying a road car application isn’t likely before 2012 – but be in no doubt that Maranello is developing an F1-style energy recapture system for its showroom range. It’s slightly at odds with the light weight mantra, adding as it does 35kg of batteries on today’s F1 car.

Other high tech details on the new V8 will include the latest iteration of the E-diff, controlled by the mannetino, and standard carbon brakes. It’ll be built in the new Ferrari factory that started making the California – with new, more efficient and higher quality production promised as a result.

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