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2010 Mercedes Benz S-Class

In the 2010 S-Class, Mercedes-Benz has improved the renowned safety level even further with a unique combination of innovative camera and radar-based driver assistance systems. These include Adaptive Highbeam Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and the PRE-SAFE® brake system linked to the proximity regulating radar, which intervenes autonomously before an impending rear-end collision and acts like an invisible crumple zone. Other innovations in the 2010 S-Class include the ATTENTION ASSIST driver drowsiness monitor and Active Body Control with automatic crosswind stabilization.

2010 Mercedes Benz S-ClassThe new S400 HYBRID is also celebrating its debut. As the first series-production Mercedes-Benz passenger car with hybrid drive, this S-Class model is the world's most economical luxury car with a gasoline engine. Its estimated combined fuel consumption of 29 miles per gallon sets a new worldwide benchmark in this vehicle segment. The new hybrid model combines a low fuel consumption and a high level of environmental compatibility with superior performance: the internal combustion engine and the hybrid module develop a combined output of 295 hp, and a combined maximum torque of 284 lb-ft. (The electric motor contributes 20 hp and 118 lb-ft to the powertrain).

With 270,000 units sold world-wide since its launch, the W 221-series S-Class is the world's most successful luxury sedan, and seamlessly continues the success story of the flagship model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. Since 1951, when the model 220 began the direct lineage of the S-Class, Mercedes-Benz has delivered around 3.3 million passenger cars from this model series to customers.

The U.S. line-up includes the S400 HYBRID, the 382-hp V8-powered S550 and all-wheel-drive S550 4MATIC as well as the high-performance 518-hp S63 AMG. V12 offerings include the 510-hp S600 and the top-of-the-line 604-hp S65 AMG. The 2010 S-Class will be in U.S. showrooms beginning in August.

An absolutely unique combination of ultra-modern assistance and protection systems is available for the 2010 S-Class. Many of these systems are also available for the new E-Class, which debuts this summer. The new assistance systems turn the models in the E and S-Class into "intelligent" partners for their driver. The car is able to "see", "feel", respond reflexively and act autonomously to prevent accidents or mitigate their effects. Mercedes-Benz also uses cameras in these systems - these are able to look well ahead, monitor the car's surroundings and interpret typically critical situations. One example is the optional Adaptive Highbeam Assist. This system recognizes oncoming or leading vehicles and then controls the headlamps to ensure the best possible beam range without dazzling other drivers on the road.

The Sindelfingen-based engineers have also developed Night View Assist further – Night View Assist PLUS is equipped with a special pedestrian detection function: as soon as the system detects pedestrians ahead of the car, they are highlighted on the display to make it easier for the driver to see them.

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