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Car Shipping Rates & Vehicle Transporting Price Quotes by Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport
unique Car Shipping rates calculator will display your vehicle transport price in less than 10 seconds – no personal info is required.
Our car transport quotes are very cheap and affordable, not to mention that your automobile is fully insured while in transit at no additional cost to you.
Montway provides Door to Door car delivery service in continental USA.
If you have questions or need customized quote call Toll free 1-888-666-8929

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Direct Connect Auto Trasport

The advent of Internet commerce has done great things for businesses and customers alike, but it has a downside as well: the impersonal nature of the medium has made it easier for incompetent or unscrupulous operators to prey on unsuspecting customers. This has become apparent in the online auto transport industry, where broker websites spring up overnight and win quick commissions by making unrealistic promises and underbidding the industry standard with unsustainable quotes. Inevitably, the customer ends up holding the bag.

This is why it's important to entrust your vehicle to a respectable, reliable and well-established carrier, and Direct Connect Auto Transport delivers on all counts. A presence on the auto transport marketplace for over two decades, Direct Connect has received rave, 5-star reviews from customers throughout its years of operation.

Direct Connect can move many different types of vehicles, but its specialty is "white glove auto transport" - moving expensive or rare cars, such as luxury automobiles, classic/vintage cars and so on.

Direct Connect is well suited to such jobs because it fields closed carrier trailers alongside the more common open auto shipping trailers. A closed carrier is a standard-sized 18-wheeler transport hitch, only one that, instead of moving boxed goods, has been fitted with ramps and fixtures that allow it to load and transport a passenger car.

With a closed carrier trailer, you'll be certain that your valuable possession will be protected from rain, snow, accidental damage, vandalism and many other hazards.

Combined with our record of professionalism and sterling, personalized customer service, Direct Connect auto transport is your best bet for moving your classic car or luxury automobile door-to-door with a minimum of trepidation.

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Ship a Car With American Auto Move

When American Auto Move began it's operations in earnest earlier this year, it did so with the expressed purpose of being the best car shipper in America. And now that that we have moved over a thousand cars in less than a year already, we truly believe that we are in a position to call ourselves the nation's best auto transport company. Above all else, it's our process that sets us above other companies in the field. We make better use of our resources so that our customers get more value for their dollar. And unlike many of the competing services on the market, we put a premium on communicating with our customers so that you have the peace of mind that you deserve. Of course, our competitive auto transport rates help us win and keep business as well. Getting your free car shipping quote is about as simple as it can get -- all you have to do to get your quote right now is call American Auto Move at (866) 327-7863 and get yours right away! Or simply go to our website at and get your quote via email!

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Deciding Between Car Magnets and Rear Window Decals

With so many car sign products to choose from many people have a hard time deciding between the different types; especially between a car magnet or a rear window decal. Whether for business or personal use, custom magnetic signs and rear window decals are seen on many cars traveling the roads. Each is relatively inexpensive and can be customized to whatever the user needs. When evaluating the choice between the two most customers do not know where to start. Below are some facts and figures to help a customer make an educated decision.

Car Magnets
  • Positives—If properly stored, car magnets are reusable for a very long term adding to its affordability in terms of investment
  • Negatives—Car magnets DO NOT stick to non-metal vehicles such as fiberglass and plastic. The magnet must be applied to a smooth, flat area, which can limit the size.
  • Applications—If want temporary signage, car magnets are a perfect choice. If a business vehicle is also used for personal reasons the removability of magnetic signs is great. Many neighborhood associations do not allow advertisements on cars when at home.

Rear Window Decals
  • Positives—Rear windshields are usually angled, because of that the decals can be easily seen by passing motorists. The perforated material on the one-way vision is see-through from inside the vehicle but the color and design can be seen from the outside.
  • Negatives—Decals are applied and stick with adhesive. This makes the decal difficult toremove and be reused. Depending on the decal product chosen it can be much more expensive.
  • Applications—To promote a businessa rear window decal is great for exposure. If you’re looking for something you can install just once and never have to adjust or remove it an adhesive decal can do no wrong. When deciding between any car sign (not just car magnets and rear window decals) make sure to consider the products installation process and whether it reusable. Obviously car magnets can be installed and removed quickly but there is a maintenance that could be tedious. Rear window decals do not require much maintenance but can only be installed once and are not removable.

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Common Car Shipping Questions

nationwide car shipping ransporter
1. Can I put personal items in the car while it is being shipped?
A car transporter is not licensed to transport personal belongings. The Federal Government requires a separate license to transport households good and belongings. In addition, the insurance provided on your vehicle while it is in the possession of the carrier will not cover any personal items that have been left in the car. Many drives will allow some small personal belongings placed in the trunk or in the case of an SUV in the rear below the window line. The general rule of thumb is 100 lbs. or less.

2. "Bill of Lading"?
A Bill of Lading is the paper works provided by the carrier, that confirms the receipt of a car for transport, and specifies the condition of the vehicle at the time of pickup and delivery along with the specific terms and conditions of the shipment. The document will be used at the time of pick-up and must be signed by the client and the carrier. It is also will be signed when the car is delivered. Consider the Bill of Lading as a contract and a document that ensures the security of your possession.

3. Transit time?
Transit times can vary greatly depending on a variety of different factors. Below is a list of basic estimated travel times.
East Coast to West Coast - 7 to 12 days
Midwest to East Coast - 4 to 8 days
South to the North - 4 to 8 days
All shipping times are estimated.

4. What kind of truck will my vehicle be shipped on?
There are a variety of different shipping options. Most of the time the vehicle will be shipped on an open transport carrier with 7 to 9 units. Enclosed transport is another option for those who want added protection. This will however cost more money.

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