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Mother trucker

They just can't help themselves. Just when we were beginning to think US car companies were getting a handle on the environment and making fuel-efficient cars, they go and drop the F-450 on us.

Jeez, is this the daddy of all pick-ups or what?

There's no messing about with this beast, and Ford proudly proclaims it as the leader of its Super Duty trucks.

Hard to argue with that when it comes with a 6.4-litre Power Stroke V8, although at least it's a diesel-fuelled engine to keep the greenies happy.

With 650lb ft of torque and 350bhp, this monster can be had with a six-speed manual or five-speed auto.

All F-450s come with the dual rear wheels and a four-door crew cab to take the family to the local tractor pull.

For the sissies, there are F-250 and F-350 pick-ups, but who wants one of those when you can have this monument to steel, chrome and apple pie?

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