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Renault Tiny dancer

Size zeros may be causing controversy in the fashion world, but Renault obviously still reckons small is beautiful.

renault twingorenault twingo 2 The French manufacturer chose Paris to unveil its latest small concept - the Twingo.

The original Twingo has been hanging around Europe for more than a decade now, but Renault says this is what the replacement for the current model will look like when it hits the UK in late 2007.

The Twingo will be powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine developing 100bhp - the same unit to be found in the next generation of the Clio and Modus. The concept also boasts twin chromed exhausts, and a mixing deck built into the dashboard.

Incidentally, the name Twingo comes from an amalgamation of 'twist', 'swing' and 'tango'. Which, bizarrely, is exactly the dance that editor Paul Regan performs after a long evening of 'networking' at the Paris motor show.

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