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VW Desert storm

Volkswagen has drafted in two of the most experienced old hands in rally driving as part of its preparations for the Dakar Rally in January 2007.

None other than Carlos Sainz and Ari Vatanen will drive the two officially-entered Touaregs.

First tests are already under way in the Tunisian desert and the exalted VW drivers will then head for Abu Dhabi and the UAE Desert Challenge race as the final preparation for the Dakar event.

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Mercedes CLK-DTM Replica May Come to U.S.

AFFALTERBACH, Germany — The AMG Mercedes CLK-DTM, a German stock car built to be legal for the street, was never sold in the U.S. during the production run of 100 coupes and 80 convertibles, but that may change, officials say.

mercedes benz amg clk Mario Spitzner, AMG-Mercedes director of marketing & sales/branding, said the company would be willing to federalize the car if there were enough customers.

"I get a lot of pressure from our best customers to bring it to the U.S.," Spitzner said.

And it's no wonder. With 582 horsepower and suspension, brakes and bodywork derived from the company's fire-breathing German Touring Car racers, the CLK-DTM rockets to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 200 mph. The initial run of 100 coupes was supplemented by another 80 cabriolets for sun-worshipers with a need for speed.

For the U.S., the company would probably build even more of the cars. "We would maybe do a bigger series for the U.S.," Spitzner said. "Push us, and it may happen."

If it does, U.S. customers would probably enjoy even better performance, as the supercharged 5.5-liter V8 used in the previous cars has since been supplanted by AMG's brawny, homegrown 6.2-liter normally aspirated V8.

But the CLK and other AMG cars will not be equipped with all-wheel drive, Spitzner said, despite the increasing popularity of the technology. While admitting there are pros and cons to AWD, the system's cons literally outweigh the positives, he explained. "The first con is that you add 175 pounds to your front axle," he said.

And part of the reason many 4x4s ride high is the difficulty of packaging the driveline underneath. "Ride height would be a challenge, to be honest," Spitzner said. "If we had the Paris-Dakar version I don't think that would attract too many customers. So we have no immediate plans to go to all-wheel drive," he concluded.

Meanwhile, at parent company Mercedes, bean counters are busily trying to decide the business case for chopping the top off the beautiful, new CL-Class coupe. As a true coupe, it has no B-pillar, which greatly simplifies construction of a convertible. And the latest generation of the car sees its seatbelts mounted to the seats, a layout which also lends itself to conversion. The new car is also 15 percent stiffer than its predecessor, so it might require less reinforcement if the roof were removed.

All this suggests that CL engineers, having been denied a convertible version of the previous car, built the coupe in a way that would make the case for a convertible easier to prove. Hans Multhaupt, vice president of program management and development for S-Class, CL-Class and Maybach, hopes so. "I would like to do it," he said. But for now the decision-making wheels are turning within the company. "There has been no decision yet," he said.

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Letting off steam

Steam may sound like the power source of yesteryear. All puff puff puffing and Jenny Agutter with a cut glass Home Counties accent.

But no, good old steam is powering its way into record books and, by Jove, it's a British effort.

steamsteam car
The British Steam Car Challenge is looking to head beyond 200mph with its car, called Inspiration.

The team has just proved this is possible with a test of its steam turbine engine, which punched out more than 300bhp.

There will be first tests in the UK, which should easily beat the existing record of 127.659mph. Then the team decamps to South Africa's Vernuek Pan salt beds in June 2007 for a crack at 200mph.

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Tuner Special: Heico Volvo XC90 Boasts Slick Look

WEITERSTADT, Germany — Heico Sportiv, the Volvo tuning specialist, has a new aero body kit for the face-lifted 2007 Volvo XC90.

Heico Volvo XC90Heico Volvo XC90 2 The kit includes a three-piece front skirt with integral air intakes and foglamps as well as a three-piece rear skirt with center diffuser. All materials are made of PU-RIM plastic.

Heico also offers a wide range of upgrades for the XC90, including an engine kit for the T6 sport model that kicks output up to 320 horsepower and bundles a reprogrammed ECU, sport air filter and dual exhaust.

For more information, see

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Galpin Auto Sports Shows F-150 "Tiki"

The creators of the Ford "Tiki Truck" say they plan to show restraint with some of their other SEMA projects, including a customized Lincoln Navigator and Ford Mustang. C'mon. They don't really mean it, right?

ford f-150 tiki truck The Ford Web site prominently displays the Galpin Auto Sports "Tiki truck" with a Jacuzzi in the back. The truck is described as "a portable island paradise" with a giant working tiki-head waterfall flowing into a custom-crafted hot tub which is big enough for four. The truck also has a teakwood deck.

Galpin is the home of MTV's Pimp My Ride. But the tuning house says its SEMA Navigator will be "very sophisticated and understated, with Edelman leather and burled walnut trim." Its SEMA Mustang will be painted in Grabber Blue and gets a new Boss 302 engine from Ford Racing. "We're redoing the interior, but not too much," said Galpin's Beau Boeckmann, explaining: "We want to keep weight down for better performance."

The California customizer has two project vehicles in the works for the next season of Pimp My Ride.

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Come check out, the newest Ford F150 Parts retailer on the net.

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Buick Saturates Vegas With 11 Custom Whips

LAS VEGAS — The average age of Buick buyers — somewhere in the low 60s — is the highest among all General Motors brands.

buick lucernebuick lucerne luxbuick lucerne ridebuick lucerne cxxbuick lucerne mtx How to lower that demographic and broaden Buick's appeal to younger buyers? According to the General's marketing wizards, the answer lies in an all-out assault on SEMA, with an arsenal of 11 customized Buick Lucernes, chrome portholes and all.

Buick tapped a variety of sources to collaborate on its SEMA portfolio, from RIDES magazine to a cross-country/cross-cultural variety of custom shops and tuning houses, including Rick Bottom Custom Motors, Rick Dore Kustoms, D3 Design & Engineering, Performance West, Mitek/MTX, Trent's Trick Upholstery, Fesler Productions, Concept 1, Stainless Steel Brakes and Spade Kreations/American Racing.

One of the nicer-looking treatments is Rick Bottom's Lucerne CXX Luxury Liner, with a white-and-gold paint scheme, ground-effects body bits and a 40-horsepower kick in the pants to the car's standard 270-hp 4.6-liter V8.

Urban VIP treatment was rendered by RIDES magazine, with a lowered suspension, custom body kit, larger wheels and tires, custom suede cabin and mobile entertainment system. Buick's press material quotes Ben Harris of RIDES as saying: "We felt the Lucerne was the perfect candidate for customization because it has plenty of styling in its stock form, with enough open room to put our own spin on it. We like that it's a premium American full-body sedan, looks great in a VIP style, and think this Buick will do very well in the urban market."

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Hummer H3 Goes Topless

LAS VEGAS — In the hopes of offering a "safari-style experience," Hummer and ASC have teamed up at SEMA to create the H3 Open Top concept.

Hummer H3Hummer H3 2Instead of a conventional power sunroof, the concept has a sliding fabric "Infinivu" roof system.

The expanded, unidirectional roof system is designed to provide a "nostalgic" experience in a weather-resistant package. The concept also features 20x9-inch Rozzi EGO chrome wheels, Mickey Thompson Baja Claw 20-inch tires and a Silver Spectra Flair tri-coat paint job with blackout wheelwells.

The cabin is outfitted with custom Townsend lambskin leather upholstery with Gatsby green accent stitching, Opal gray trim and ebony carpet. The concept also has the OnStar turn-by-turn navigation system.

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Ford Reintroduces Boss 302 V8

LAS VEGAS — Tired of playing second fiddle to the Hemi engine — perhaps the most famous power plant of its kind in the U.S. — Ford said on Tuesday that it is resurrecting its legendary 5.0-liter V8 engine with an all-new Ford Racing Boss 302.

Ford Reintroduces Boss A new line of Boss 302 crate engines will hit the aftermarket in early 2007.

Ford said the Boss engines can accommodate displacements from 302 to 363 cubic inches. The engines are rated from 340 to 500 horsepower. The automaker said the retail price for the Boss 302 block is $1,759, with Boss engines ranging from $4,650 to $10,000 for the 500-hp Boss 331-cubic-inch engine. The engines come with a 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty.

While the Boss is available only in crate form now, it is expected to find a home under the hood of the Shelby GT, the 2008 Ford F-150 and other special-edition Ford vehicles in the future.

The original Boss 302 — which made its debut in 1969 — powered the limited-production Mustang Boss 302. The car got its name from the engine that powered the Mustang to a Sports Car Club of America Trans-Am series win in 1970. The original Boss 302 delivered less than 300 hp.

Several SEMA vehicles include the new Boss 302, including a 2007 Galpin Ford Mustang featuring a 360-hp Boss engine and a Hotrods and Horsepower SEMA Deuce featuring a 360-hp Boss engine.

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It's mine, all mine

So you fancy an eco-friendly(ish) supercar but, surprise surprise, no one makes one. What do you do?
Have one designed and built specially for you, of course.

eco jet
Well, you do if you're Jay Leno. This hulking beast is the brainchild of the American talk-show host, owner of probably the best private car collection in the world and the most distinctive chin in show business.

When Leno and his chief mechanic (yes, he has his own chief mechanic) were chatting about the possibility of a turbine-powered supercar, they sketched a couple of designs on the back of a napkin.

Enamoured by the scribblings, Leno convinced California's GM design department to take the study and turn it into a working car.

And this is what they came up with: the EcoJet.

Making its first public appearance at this week's SEMA show in Las Vegas, the mid-engined supercar is powered by a Honeywell LT-101 turbine engine that runs on bio-diesel fuel.

The engine sits in a modified Corvette Z06 aluminium frame, clad in a carbon fibre/Kevlar shell.

The Corvette influence is clear in the squared-off muscular design, which GM designer Ed Welburn says was inspired by aeronautical and jet-age influences.

There's no word on performance, but with 650bhp and 400lb ft of torque on tap it should edge a Toyota Prius in a straight sprint.

If you like the look of the EcoJet, tough. It's a one-off design... but even if GM were planning to make a few more of them, we're betting the EcoJet could only be afforded by, erm, US talk show hosts.

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Mitsubishi Ralliart Concept Drops in Sydney

SYDNEY, Australia — Mitsubishi Australia has unveiled a stunning concept based on its 380 sedan at the Australian International Motor Show here. The Team Mitsubishi Ralliart 380 is called a "concept for now" but may go into low-volume production, Mitsubishi indicated.

Mitsubishi RalliartThe supercharged version of the 380's 3.8-liter V6 engine, modified with local company Sprintex Superchargers, has increased horsepower to 308 hp and torque to 326 pound-feet, resulting in a 0-to-62-mph time of just 6 seconds. The quarter-mile is covered in 14 seconds. That represents a 31-percent increase in horsepower and 29-percent jump in torque over the Japan-built V6's standard output in the 380. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission.

The concept also has strengthened suspension and brakes to match the performance improvements made to the engine, and 19-inch chrome-finished alloy five-spoke wheels fitted with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires.

Exterior enhancements include a full body kit with side skirts, upper and lower grilles, and the obligatory twin hood scoops. The red-and-black color scheme of the exterior is continued on the inside.

The standard 380 sedan made its debut at the Australian car show last year but has seen sluggish sales since then.

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Wondering what this bizarre moulded plastic contraption is?

No, it's not the latest Power Ranger, a Japanese lawnmower or proof that pterodactyls were rather more sophisticated than we first thought.

It is, in fact, the winning concept car at the Interior Motives car design awards.

Designed by Iman Maghsoudi of the Azad University in Iran, it apparently represents a vision of the future in which the considerations of space and resources will impact on the way people drive.

It features an extended front wing that lifts the nose off the ground at high speeds so that it is as much flown as driven.

Maghsoudi says that the gliding car uses current technologies and could be the direction in which the automotive industry will head.

All very nice, but we have to ask: where do you hang the furry dice?

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Honda Sports 4 Concept Busts Out

SYDNEY, Australia — Honda has put its Sports 4 concept on display at the Australian International Motor Show here, hinting at the future look of Honda sport sedans.

The concept appears to be a strong indicator of what the next-generation European-market Accord will look like. It is notable for a low-slung body and an ultramodern cockpit featuring a blend of metal, wood and leather.

The Sports 4 is a four-passenger vehicle with four individual bucket seats and personal "skyroofs" that each passenger can control separately from seat-mounted controls. Mechanically, the concept has all-wheel drive and a five-speed sequential automatic transmission.

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2006 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe Photos

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Nissan's Fashion disaster

America and taste have a tenuous relationship at the best of times.

We've seen some gorgeous examples of late of just how right Americans can get it with the likes of the Mustang and Camaro.
Nissan FashionNissan Fashion 3Nissan Fashion 2 However, we can look down our European noses at this latest howler that has been inflicted on a pair of unsuspecting Nissans.

'Customised' by New York fashion designer Marc Ecko, the Pathfinder and Armada also come with complementary ranges of clothes if you really feel like going the whole hog.

Apparently, the Pathfinder has a 'street swagger' with an 'old school twist'. That sounds more like our tipsy music teacher at the school disco than a bespoke 4x4.

Still, there's a rinky dink camouflage paint job, seamless black leather interior and orange-coloured trim inserts guaranteed to make passengers feel queasy. Bit like our music teacher again...

The Armada, an even fuller scale SUV than the Pathfinder, has been blessed with a cream Landau roof and orange side panels for safety, though it's not clear whether this is for the safety of pedestrians or to safely discourage anyone from considering buying such a car.

Says Marc Ecko: 'My goal was to introduce my original sense of style to Nissan.' We think Mr Ecko has succeeded.

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Renault Dynamique S 138

Mention the words 'Renault 16V' to men of a certain age and they'll get all misty-eyed and, in particularly severe cases, start making happy brmmming noises to themselves.

The first properly hot Clio evokes happy memories for many. And although Renault isn't admitting that its latest tuned-up Clio, the Dynamique S 138, is inspired by its early-90s boy-racer favourite, we're happy to draw the parallels.

This hottish supermini fills the gaping hole in Renault's Clio line-up, between its standard petrol models and the frankly bonkers 197 Renaultsport.

Renault Dynamique S 138 Like the old Clio 16V, it boasts 138bhp and a 0-60 time in the eight-second bracket.

Powered by a 2.0 VVT engine developing 143lb ft of torque at 3,750rpm, the new Clio tops out at 127mph. That's spookily close to the old 16V's top speed of 125mph.

Trim levels, however, are a touch more generous than the spartan old 16V. Sitting on unique 16-inch alloys and sporting part-leather trim, the Dynamique S 38 looks sporty enough, with extended sports front wings, tinted rear windows and restyled headlight clusters.

Sitting in insurance group 9E, the Dynamique S 138 looks to be affordable to all but the blacklisted drivers. However, Renault is promising a hotter GT version in the future, which with a promised 150bhp on tap looks to be shaping up to the Fiesta ST.

For the meantime we'll have to content ourselves with the Dynamique S 138. Initially only available in three-door guise, a five-door version will follow next year.

Prices start at £12,810, and Renault will start taking orders on November 1 for delivery in early December.

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Low-budget BMW M6

There are some great toys available for BMW lovers at the automaker's Web site.
BMW M6 toy Our latest favorite is a miniature version of the new M6 Convertible, available in both electric ($554) and pedal-powered ($364) editions. And you don't have to be one of the first callers to Neiman Marcus to order one, either.The children's M6 is painted metallic blue, with appropriate M6 stickers affixed to the rear. The battery-powered model even comes with an electric speedometer and an electric horn.A pair of six-volt batteries provide up to one and a half hours of driving time, with the electric motor enabling a top speed of 5 mph.

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2007 Ascari A10

(from Ascari Press Release) British Supercar manufacturer, Ascari has produced the answer to the Ferrari Enzo FXX, but for keeps!

2007 Ascari A10 Whereas the Enzo FXX is not road legal, it was produced to be driven during track days only and costs just over Ј1 million (1.5m EUROS), the A10 is road legal so can be driven home and parked on your drive, to the envy of your neighbours for just Ј350,000 (522.000 EUROS).

Designed, engineered and hand built in Banbury, England the A10 has 625bhp and weighs in at around 1200kg, thanks to its lightweight carbon fibre bodywork. Reaching 60mph in just 2.8 seconds and 100mph in less than 6 seconds, the manufacturer claims the A10 is the fastest road going production car around a race track.

Only 10 are available and will be built to order.

The A10 is more than just a revamped KZ1, which has found success in its first year of competing in the GT3 in 2006. It has new body panels, a reworked engine and suspension, with extensive brake modifications to cope with the extra power. Lucky owners will also benefit, if they wish, from some luxuries such as remote central locking, electric windows and door mirrors, climate control and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system.

The UK’s newest Supercar will make its first ever appearance at the 2006 MPH show in Birmingham, England on 28 October.

MPH’06 kick starts on October 26th at Birmingham’s NEC for 3 days before heading south to Earls Court in London between 2nd and 5th November.

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The fastest Golf GTI ever

Say hello to the quickest Golf GTI ever.
If you're anything like us, that sentence alone should be enough to start you giggling slightly manically. In fact, if it doesn't you might want to consider investing in a Sinclair C5.

This is the Golf GTI Edition 30. It's a special edition of the fifth edition Golf GTI that's been built to commemorate three decades of the original, and best, hot hatch. Hence the 30.

fastest Golf GTI fastest Golf GTI  2 And as 30th birthday presents go, it's not a bad one. VW has tweaked the GTI's 2.0-litre engine to squeeze an extra 20 horses out of it, boosting power from a mere 207bhp to 227bhp.

This means that the GTI Edition 30 will hit 62mph in 6.8 seconds - down almost half a second on the standard GTI. You can shave another quarter of a second off that if you opt for the DSG sequential gearbox.

Manual or sequential, the Edition 30 will reach 150mph before you run out of road, rubber or cojones.

VW has also given the 30th anniversary special a proper Trinny 'n' Suzannah makeover.

Body-coloured side skirts are paired with a new front and rear bumper, and the unique 18-inch alloys add an aggressive air to the GTI.

Inside it's much the same story, with leather/cloth trim and special edition sill plates.

With prices starting at just over £22,000, the special edition is a couple of grand more expensive than the standard GTI, but we don't think that'll deter buyers.

The only bad news is that just 1,500 examples of the GTI 30 will be produced in the UK. Make that 1,499 once we've got our hands on one.

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Citroen C-Crosser

We've got a creeping sense of déjà vu.
Not half an hour ago did we receive details of Peugeot's first foray into the world of 4x4s with the new 4007. And now, shock of shocks, Citroen announces details of its equally ground-breaking SUV, the C-Crosser.

The C-Crosser will run on a 2.2-litre direct common-rail injection diesel engine developing 156bhp. Why, that's completely different to the 4007's 2.2-litre direct common-rail... ah.

Citroen C-CrosserCitroen C-Crosser 2But wait. The C-Crosser is capable of running on 30 per cent biodiesel without modifications, whereas the 4007 will run on 30 per... well, you get the picture.

To be fair, Citroen has attempted to distinguish its SUV from the Pug by highlighting its off-road capabilities. The C-Crosser has the choice of three transmission settings - two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and a lock setting designed for low grip conditions.

With MacPherson strut front and multi-link rear suspension combined with 18-inch tyres, the Citroen should at least be capable of tackling the speed bumps at the school gate. Feel like you've heard that one before?

We reckon the front end of the Citroen is a touch friendlier as well, with the bonnet creases and the oversized chevron giving a wrinkle-nosed appearance to the C-Crosser. The subtler grill looks less like it has been designed specifically as a pedestrian grater, too.

Fold-flat second- and third-row seats will give the C-Crosser a vast storage space, while a two-section tailgate should make loading a simple task, as well as providing an al fresco seat.

The C-Crosser goes on sale in the next summer. About the same time as a certain Peugeot, then.
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Tiny Toyota Endo May Go Into Production

TOKYO — If the world's automotive Web sites are to be believed, Toyota is considering putting the diminutive Endo into production as a potential rival to the Smart.

toyota endo The story was first published in the online edition of Automobilwoche, but the site did not offer corroborating information. However, British car magazine AutoExpress ran an article recently that claims that disguised Endos "have already been spotted testing in Japan."

Endo was unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Designed by Toyota's European ED2 design studio, it took a leaf from the Smart textbook. The distinguishing feature of the Endo is that, although only 10 feet long, it can accommodate four people.

Toyota already has such a vehicle in its European lineup. Called the Aygo and made at the joint Toyota-Peugeot factory in the Czech Republic, it is already a player in the segment where the company would position a production Endo.

That apparent conflict aside, the Endo would be a higher-end addition to the segment where the Aygo is more a style-conscious car. An Endo would be a welcome entry model for Toyota's Scion brand as well.

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L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge Vehicles Are Unveiled

The L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge finalists — a "green" group of concept vehicles that includes the Kia Sandstorm, Honda Extreme and Volkswagen Nanospyder — have been officially unveiled.
The winner of the competition will be announced on November 30 at the show.

Entries include the Acura FCX 2020 Le Mans,acura lemans which the automaker describes as "the perfect test bed for new material development and clean energy."
The FCX 2020 Le Mans is powered by a compact hydrogen fuel cell made possible through molecular nanotechnology. "The FCX is a notion of Acura's commitment to a cleaner environment," Acura said.

Another vehicle that leans heavily on nanotechnology is the Volkswagen Nanospyder.

VW says this concept is "capable of being assembled, disassembled and reassembled on a microscopic level." Billions of tiny nanomachines, no larger than a half a millimeter in diameter, attach to one another in a large assembly tank. This futuristic vehicle is able to sense impending collisions via sensor data. The nanomachines then strengthen or weaken their connections to one another to ensure the survival of passengers.

General Motors submitted the Hummer O2, which is also powered by a fuel cell.

hummer 02This Hummer "breathes" through a "revolutionary phototropic body shell that produces pure oxygen throughout the life span of the vehicle," the automaker said. This Hummer concept has algae-filled body panels that transform harmful CO2 into pure oxygen that is released back into the environment.

The Mini BioMoke features customizable body panels, alternative fuel powertrains and the reuse of mechanical components from previous vehicles.

The BioMoke's body is made from a single sheet of biodegradable sandwich paneling impregnated with palm tree seeds. As the BioMoke ends its five-year life cycle, the body "composts to promote tree growth and clean the air," BMW Group Designworks USA said.

The Kia Sandstorm is a biodiesel electric plug-in hybrid with built-in detachable recycling bins and a solar-powered cooling feature.

kia sandstorm
The Toyota RLV, or renewable lifestyle vehicle, is a two-seat tandem vehicle with a collapsible track system and a split powertrain solution that "identified with L.A.'s most used speeds — 5 or 75 mph," Toyota said. It also features a telescopic axle that widens the track for more stability.

Other entries are the Audi Dynamic Space Frame and the Mercedes-Benz RECY, which uses wood, alloys, glass and rubber to create "the ultimate recyclable California roadster of the future."

The two-dimensional renderings will be judged on creative concept, contribution to the environment, degree of safety and "reflection of a unique, spirited Southern California 'green' lifestyle." Judges are Bill Van Amburg of Calstart, Tom Matano of San Francisco's Academy of Art, Imre Molner of Detroit's College for Creative Studies and Stewart Reed of Pasadena's Art Center College of Design.

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Fiat Bravo - official photos

The first official images of the new Fiat Bravo are out. The design is by Centro Stile Fiat and is a more aggressive revisitation of the styling already seen in the Grande Punto. The result is a sleek hatchback, sporting the new Fiat logo on the front.

The engine range will start with the 1.4-liter gasoline engine (90 ps), go on to the two brand new 1.4 T-JET turbo-charged gasoline engines, outputting 120 and 150 ps. On the diesel side, there will be the usual 1.9-liter Multijet engines (120 and 150 ps).

The new Fiat Bravo is 4.34 meters long, 1.79 meters wide and 1.49 meters high, with a wheelbase of 2.6 meters. Trunk capacity is 400 liters.

The official unveiling for the press will be on January 29th in Rome.

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Seat Altea's alter ego

Seat's original Altea wasn't just a mid-sized MPV. Rather, it was described as an MSV - a Multi Sport Vehicle. And if that wasn't niche enough, the Spanish manufacturer has now announced the launch of the Altea XL.

It's an Altea - just a bit bigger.

The overall length has been increased by 19cm, raising boot capacity from 409 to 532 litres. This rises to an impressive 1,604 litres with the rear seats down.

Apart from the subtle stretching, the XL ticks all the same boxes as the Altea. It achieves the same five-star NCAP passenger protection rating, and all models come with six airbags.

There's also a generous level of trim, with air-conditioning and an MP3 CD player as standard.

The engines offered at launch will look familiar to Seat enthusiasts too, with 1.9-litre and 2.0-litre turbodiesels alongside a 1.6-litre petrol block.

However, Seat says the XL will soon be available with a 158bhp, 1.8-litre turbo petrol engine, as well as a more powerful 2.0-litre turbodiesel.

The Altea hits the road in January. With prices starting at £12,995 for the base model, it looks to be about £500 more expensive than its equivalent slimline cousin.

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Peugeot 4007 ?

These presumed official images of the Peugeot 4007 have started circulating on the net.

Peugeot 4007Peugeot 4007 2 The 4007 is one of the two SUVs that the PSA group has developed jointly with Mitsubishi. If the photos show the true 4007, the relation with the Outlander seems a bit too close (see photos below). That said, the trademark Peugeot "big mouth" doesn't seem too at home on the front of an offroader.

We await an official confirmation (or denial) from the french producer.

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Seven up

The Caterham Seven is the Cliff Richard of sports cars. Decade after decade it soldiers on, somehow always staying popular despite doing the same trick it always has.

seven 2seven But even the most hardy crooner needs a nip 'n' tuck from time to time to keep him looking shipshape.

And so the Seven has got a fresh engine. The Rover K-series engine has finally been retired after 15 years, and replaced by a bespoke-tuned 1.6-litre Ford Sigma four-cylinder block.

There's the choice of two power outputs - 125- or 140bhp - with a more powerful version to follow in the spring of 2007.

The Seven's vintage chassis has had a blast of the Botox as well, thanks to a new precision laser-cut manufacturing process.

Caterham claims that this gives a 12 per cent increase in torsional rigidity over the old model, which was hardly wallowy itself.

The new Seven is available in either Roadsport or Superlight clothing. The latter is the track-focused, stripped-out racer - but don't assume that means the Roadsport is going to be friendly. It's still a no-frills sports car with all the cuddliness of an angry porcupine.

Prices start at £15,995 for the entry-level Roadsport in component form, but you can add £2,500 if you want Caterham to assemble your Seven for you. Ordering starts in November for delivery in the New Year.

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Fiat's New Linea To Be Unveiled in Turkey

TURIN, Italy — At the Istanbul auto show, Fiat will unveil a new sedan previously referred to under the development code name D200 and now christened the Linea, adding a higher-end member to its Palio-Siena-Albea "world car" family.

new fiat linea The introduction in Istanbul is logical, since Fiat's longtime Turkish partner Tofas — a member of Turkish industrial holding company Koc — played an instrumental role in the development of the new sedan. Plans are to build the Linea here and later at other Fiat factories in Brazil and China.

The Linea is based on the extended platform of the Grande Punto, the stylish supermini that set Fiat on an upward path. The sedan measures 179.5 inches long, 68.1 inches wide, and 59.0 inches tall, and with its 17.6 cubic feet of luggage capacity, it has the Dacia Logan firmly in its sights.

Tofas plans to produce 60,000 units of the new Linea. This 102.4-inch platform will also serve as the basis for a new mini light commercial vehicle, also to be manufactured at Tofas starting in 2008, and will be sold badged as a Fiat, Peugeot and Citroen in various markets in Europe and elsewhere.

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New Chevy Silverado

LAS VEGAS — Various permutations of the redesigned 2007 Chevrolet Silverado pickup will grace the General Motors display next week at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association show, including an off-road concept developed with Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and a low-rider concept from Orange County Choppers.

New chevrolet silveradoNew chevrolet silverado 2New chevrolet silverado 3 A pure performance edition of the new full-size pickup, the Silverado 427, is named for the cubic-inch displacement of its 7.0-liter small-block Gen IV engine — the same 505-horsepower V8 that is shoehorned into the Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

Among the other two dozen vehicles on the GM stand at SEMA are hotted-up versions of the company's newest roadsters, the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky. The Solstice GXP-R concept gets restyled front and rear fascias, 19-inch cast chrome wheels, a more potent turbocharged engine and other modifications. A race-prepared Solstice Club Sport Z0K is similar to the cars that campaigned this year in SCCA. Gravana Speed Shop, working with GM's in-house design group, has customized the Sky.

Other GM SEMA concepts of note include the Buick Lucerne CXX Luxury Liner, a Hummer H3 Open Top by ASC, a Cadillac Escalade EXT by DUB magazine, a Saturn Outlook Adventure and a GMC Sierra Texas Extended Cab.

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