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KITT Pontiac

In many millennia, when the aliens finally take over, they will look back on the 1980s as a golden period of human culture. Rubiks cubes, Donkey Kong... and of course KITT from Knight Rider.

KITT PontiacKITT Pontiac 2KITT Pontiac 3And here's your chance to own the coolest car since, erm, ever.

KITT is being sold by Kassabian Motors in California with an asking price just shy of $150,000. That's a mere £75,000 to be the Hoff.

One of only four 'camera cars' used for close-up shots in Knight Rider, the Pontiac TransAm has been restored to full Season 1 specification.

Sadly, that specification seems unlikely to include KITT's molecular bonded shell (impenetrable to almost all forms of conventional firearms and explosives), pyroclastic lamination, etymotic equaliser or ultramagnesium charges, which all appeared at some point during Knight Rider.

However, KITT does feature a pair of operational dashboard televisions - one connected to a camera on the nose of the car, and another hooked up to a hidden DVD player. DVD player? In 1982? We knew KITT was advanced, but...

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