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2007 AC Schnitzer S3 Cabrio based on BMW 3 Series Cabriolet

(from AC Schnitzer Press Release) A Convertible provides the ultimate for the senses: Where can you experience driving more directly than in an open car, with the wind gently emphasising the acceleration, the acoustic muscle play of the engine teasing your ears, and a breathtaking silhouette reflected in every shop window. The new BMW 3-series Convertible, a complete car with folding hard top, stimulates the automotive pleasure centre without setting reason aside. When you've had one taste, you soon long for more.

BMW 3 Series CabrioletBMW 3 Series Cabriolet 2BMW 3 Series Cabriolet 3BMW 3 Series Cabriolet 4BMW 3 Series Cabriolet 5Engine

As for all current BMW models with 3.0d engine, we offer a diesel performance upgrade for the 3-series convertible. An additional control unit program provides 195 kW / 265 HP and a maximum torque of 550 Nm.

In order to provide performance upgrades for the 335d and 335i with the new Twin Turbo technology, totally new developments are required. These are currently in the first stages of the test phase. Despite the increase in power, the excellent driving behaviour, moderate fuel consumption and superb stability remain unchanged with both performance upgrades.

Even without engine tuning, we recommend to fit the sports rear silencer which - depending on base model - is available as a single system or in right-left combination. For a purely aesthetic conversion, tailpipe trims are also available "solo" for some models.


The suspension components have been specially set up for the use of the wheel and tyre combinations. Depending on personal preference, the owner of a 3-series convertible of model range E93 can choose between pure suspension springs and a complete, performance-comfort set sports suspension which lowers the BMW by around 25 mm.

The suspension concept developed in extensive tests on the North Loop of the Nьrburgring also includes the AC Schnitzer sports antiroll bars for the rear axle and aluminium strut braces for front and rear.


In designing the bodykit, the objective for AC Schnitzer was not to hide the body contours under excessive bulges, but to emphasise the natural characteristics of the vehicle in a structured way.

So the front skirt, which simultaneously increases downforce, in its basic design follows the three-piece original but it is substantially softer, more facetted and more energetic.

Like the AC Schnitzer side skirts which aesthetically highlight the side crease of the convertible body and with their asymmetric lines, rising towards the back, emphasise the sporting abilities of the vehicle even when stopped.

Although the classic rear view of the new 3-series convertible is already eyecatching, the AC Schnitzer design language with its more strongly contoured rear skirt expresses extra sporting ambitions with no loss of credibility or coherence.

The Interior

For the interior of the convertible, an extensive range of high-quality accessories is available.

For example, the cockpit can be enhanced with an ergonomically designed airbag steering wheel. There is also a carbon steering wheel trim in silver Exclusive.

Another highlight in the interior is the AC Schnitzer speedometer display up to 300 km/h.

Footrests and pedals of aluminium create a more exclusive atmosphere in the cockpit together with the carbon interior trim in silver Exclusive. The aluminium gear knob, handbrake handle and cover for the BMW "i-Drive System" are available in silver or black anodized finish. Velours foot mats complete the range.

The Wheels

Type II and Type III alloys and racing rims are of course available. Wheel/tyre combinations are possible in various sizes from 17" to maximum 20", with 245/30 R 20 all round.

The avant-garde Type IV alloy with its optional chrome elements as well as the Type IV BiColor alloys constitute true highlights in the wheels sector.

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