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Special Ferrari FXX

Welcome to a piece of history. You're about to witness the ultimate lap in the ultimate car driven by one of the world's greatest drivers.
It's a hot Friday in May, and the Ferrari FXX has just rolled into the pit garage at the famous Fiorano circuit. Only 30 of these incredible cars exist, 29 of them owned by some of Ferrari's most passionate customers, the final one by some bloke called Michael Schumacher.

Special Ferrari FXXSpecial Ferrari FXX 2Special Ferrari FXX 3Watch video
Ferrari describes the FXX as a mobile laboratory. It's not road legal, and you can't race it either. What it is, though, is a rolling test bed for top-secret new Ferrari technology, the stuff that's going to appear on the Enzo's successor in 2010.

Performance, handling, aerodynamics, braking: this is where Ferrari takes its F1 expertise and figures out how to apply it to a road car. This FXX is currently producing more than 850bhp, and its gearbox is about as fast at changing gear as Kimi or Felipe's Sunday drives.
Want to know how that feels? Want to see a master at work?
You'd better watch the video.

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