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Silverline Power Tool Drag Race

Powertools. Scary enough when they're standing still, but what sort of carnage would be wreaked if they were propelled at 50mph through a throng of spectators?

Well, if you're of a mechanical bent and not too emotionally attached to your extremities, you could find out this August at the Silverline Power Tool Drag Race.

Yes, that's right: angle grinders and circular saws turned into miniature drag racers and fired down a 75ft track. The competition is open to all-comers, so if you're a dab hand with a powerdrill and suture needle, this could be your chance for fame, fortune or very cheap surgery.

Apparently this is all part of an international power tool drag racing craze - one that's sadly failed to register on our radars until now. Presumably because most seasoned participants struggle a bit in the typing/writing department. Or, in fact, anything that requires fingers.

Anyhow, it's at the Haynes International Motor Museum on August 5; a date that the emergency services have circled in thick red pen.

More importantly, is power tool drag racing the most dangerous sport imaginable? It's right up there with nude piranha fishing and the rhino ironing world championships. However, we reckon it'd be a round of tiddlywinks in comparison to 12 rounds of no-holds-barred Stig wrestling.

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