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2008 Ferrari F430 Coupe Review

• Engine: 4.3-litre V8
• Power: 360kW @ 8500rpm
• Torque: 465Nm @ 5250rpm
• Transmission: 6sp Seq. Manual Auto-Clutch
• 0-100km/h: 4.1 seconds
• Max speed: 315km/h
• Fuel tank capacity: 95 litres
• Fuel type: minimum 95
• Fuel consumption (combined): 18.3-litres/100kms
• Weight: 1290kg (Tare Mass)
• Built in: Italy
• CO2 emissions: 420g/km

2008 Ferrari F430 Coupe-12008 Ferrari F430 Coupe-22008 Ferrari F430 Coupe-3The F430 bears a strong resemblance to the 360 that it replaces, however it’s a totally different creation. The two front intakes are not only inspired by the 156 F1 car that Phil Hill drove to victory n 1961, but also to cool the carbon-ceramic front brakes.

There are several features of the car that show just how scientific the design process was – the air flows in a vector between the twin struts of the wing-mirror, along a groove in the door and neatly into the rear intake cowls. Similarly, another aerodynamic work of genius draws air along the shut-line at the bottom of the doors and into another set of intakes, which service the rear brakes. A completely flat underside and rear splitter help to provide more down-force.

The biggest miracle of design is that the renowned Italian automotive designer, Pininfarina managed to achieve all of this and still managed to make this Berlinetta look fantastic, in an athletic kind of way. Unveiled in 2004 at the Paris Motor Show, this F1-inspired mid-rear engined super car was launched in 2005. It’s powered by a naturally aspirated 360 kW, 4.3-litre V8 (456 Nm of torque), has a lightweight aluminium chassis and body panels and is bristling with technology developed on the race track.

Advanced aerodynamics, suspension and the electronic differential (E-Diff) ensure that performance dynamics are nothing short of astounding. Ferrari F430 has a maximum speed of 315 km/h.

A welcome addition to the F430 is the Manettino switch. Explained briefly, this is an F1 style set-up selector on the steering wheel. In ‘Sport’ mode the suspension height is lowered and damping stiffness is increased, the engine management is reigned in and safety systems and traction control become less intrusive.

‘Race’ mode gives you a bit more and will let you slide enough to make you look like a superstar but there’s still enough safety stuff looking after you if you overcook it. In ‘CST/OFF’ mode, everything’s off and if you’re not a superstar, you’ll probably kill yourself.

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