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Land Rover LRX: Geneva '08 Preview

Land Rover is quick to remind that the LRX is just a concept, but it's sending a pretty strong message in Geneva, where a second, black-and-silver LRX will join the original white truck that premiered in Detroit. And the new one is even hotter than the original, itself one of the best concepts of the last year. It's supposed to demonstrate how a (potential) production LRX could be personalized, and we would like to have one delivered to our personal garage approximately yesterday.

Land Rover LRXLand Rover LRX-2The rakish shape now features a silver roof fitted with side rails and a removable carbon-composite panel. This beautifully contrasts the black primary finish, and aluminum-accented details do their part to further dress up the exterior. As a subtle reminder to onlookers that this is still a Land Rover despite its elegance, matte-finished protective trim adorns the side sills and wheel flares. Furthermore, carbon-composite skidplates supply underbody protection. Inside, a sumptuous-sounding (LR hasn't released any pictures yet) tan-and-dark chocolate interior awaits. Motivation comes from a 2.0L diesel hybrid that is theoretically capable of 60 mpg on the EU combined cycle.

The Electric Rear Axle Drive can power the SUV on its own up to 20 mph, and it also can be used to supply additional torque when the LRX is playing in 4x4 mode. Like we said earlier, the LRX is still only a concept, but Land Rover will be actively monitoring customer and dealer interest in Geneva. The white one got our attention, but this one closes the deal. Hey Land Rover: white or black, just color us interested.

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