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Mitsubishi Panther at 2008 Melbourne Autoshow

In addition to bringing the good stuff (Lancer Evo, Ralliart) to Melbourne, Mitsubishi has some schlock on hand to counterbalance the awesome. We're talking about the automaker's "Panther" concepts, which leverage bling, decals, and that whole "dealer-installed accessory" vibe to create all-show/no-go machines of questionable taste.

Mitsubishi PantherMitsubishi Panther-2We find those "panther scratch" stickers to be particularly egregious -- they'd look right at home on a busted-up Paseo with 15-inch spinner hubcaps. Check out the attached gallery to see what you like most or least about the five Panther concepts. We think the Pajero fares the best of the bunch, and while we'd love to have the Triton pickup in general, we could do without the 22-inch cartoon wheels and graphics.

The other three victims are the Colt (not too bad), Grandis minivan (above) and Lancer ES, whose Panther makeover begs the question, why do this when you can simply buy a GTS? They may wear the name of a predator, but these "Panthers" look like they'd be happier noshing on Friskies than fresh meat.

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