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SEAT Bocanegra Concep - Geneva '08 Preview

SEAT is set to unveil the Bocanegra Concept tomorrow during the first press day of the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, and it previews the upcoming replacement for the production Ibiza model. For those familiar with the rather homely looking Ibiza, the Bocanegra (which literally means "black mouth") should be a welcome portent of things to come. SEAT, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, was always supposed to be the Kia to Volkswagen's Hyundai, but has not done a great job of mixing performance and low prices together.

SEAT Bocanegra ConcepSEAT Bocanegra Concep-2Well, it got the latter down. The Bocanegra Concept, however, sports an aggressive, expressive design that, while not altogether original (we see Euro Focus and BMW 1-Series cues), is a major leap forward for the Spanish brand. Sources say the concept's sheetmetal is pretty darn close to what the production model will be when it debuts later this year at the Madrid Motor Show, and the hatch will also be offered in a five-door version. The concept interior, however, will likely be warmed over for production. Expect a full smattering of motors that you would also find in any small VW on sale in Europe.

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