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Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Ferrari F430 Scuderia is one of the most amazing performance cars to ever be built. By deleting 220 pounds and adding 27 horsepower, the F430 Scuderia was even able to beat the mighty Enzo around Ferrari’s test track. So with perfection seemingly hit square on the head, would Ferrari dare alter the Scuderia?

According to Motor Authority, Ferrari is planning to launch and open-air Spider version of the F430 Scuderia. The F430 Scuderia Spider is said to be readying for its debut by the end of 2008, with production earmarked for about 300 units.

Ferrari F430 Scuderia-1Ferrari F430 Scuderia-2Although the allure of a super Ferrari convertible is undeniable, there are just a few points that lead us to believe that the Scuderia Spider could just be too good to be true. The first and most obvious is that the Scuderia puts a heavy emphasis on lightweight. Convertibles are historically heavier than their fixed-roof counterparts – due to the need of added reinforcements – and the F430 Spider actually tips the scales about 155 pounds heavier than the F430 coupe. That means the F430 Spider starts out life a whopping 375 pounds heavier than the Scuderia — a number hard to over come even by deleting all items not directly related to driving.

Pictures of an alleged Scuderia Spider have also surfaced, but a few details don’t pan out on the car. While all the appropriate body work and badging appears in the photos, the car pictured has the F430’s standard interior, not the race specific innards of the Scuderia.

Despite the inconsistencies, the Scuderia Spider is rumored to debut before year’s end, so at least we will have an answer by the time we are toasting to the new year.

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