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2008 Auto Futura CAV GT

(from CAV Press Release) The CAV GT is performance and power refined in a seamless body. Expect the same gut-wrenching experience and white-knuckle acceleration on road and track. Expect that, and more. It takes time and dedication to build a CAV GT. Six hundred man-hours is devoted to the development of each vehicle from the construction of the chassis to the time it leaves our factory.

2008 Auto Futura CAV GT2008 Auto Futura CAV GT-2Our committed team shares a vision to manufacture a quality product that will provide pleasure and pride to its owners. In addition to our staff based at Westlake, Cape Town, we employ subcontractors who share our work ethic and exacting standards. To achieve the quality we strive for in every CAV GT each step of the manufacturing process is meticulously planned. Our extensive R&D has enabled us to create enhancements to the CAV GT for improved road and track performance.

The perfect body is created through a specialist shaping and spraying process that is subcontracted to a team dedicated solely to this outcome. The body is baked several times so that it is cured and stable before a final spray painting. The whole process takes 200 man-hours before it is ready to leave the paint shop. On its return to our factory, the body panels are removed and carefully stored.

The CAV GT is designed to accept a Ford V8 small block 289/302 cid. A 351 can also be used. Induction Holley 4 barrel or 4 x 48IDF Webers or Injection System. Recommended power unit 342 stroker with approximately 450bhp SAE. Fuel injection system on request.Electronic breakerless ignition is recommended.

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