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2006 Chevrolet WTCC Ultra Concept

(from General Motors Press Release) Chevrolet WTCC Ultra: Exciting Driveable Race car Concept

• Muscular: Strikingly fresh design, outside and in
• Powerful: 190 hp common rail diesel
• Efficient: Modern lightweight materials

Paris. "It’s a wild thing": The Chevrolet WTCC Ultra has got what it takes to be the star of the Paris Motor Show – and not just because its rear spoiler shoots so brashly up towards the heavens. The bold and aggressive design of the racecar study takes the Chevrolet body language to the extreme. "We wanted to explore the concept of a Chev-rolet muscle car reinvented for Europe," says David Lyon, Executive Director GM Asia-Pacific Design. "A concept that celebrates Chevy’s racing heritage with a very forward looking design."

The ready-to-drive concept car set to premiere in Paris was developed by a GM team around the globe (for more details, see page 4). It is the vision of a new generation of touring car- a design icon that bends the present WTCC regulations. "In addition to the premiere of the Chevrolet WTCC Ultra, we are also celebrating our second victory in the World Touring Car Championship," says the boss of Chevrolet Europe, Wayne Brannon, referring to Rob Huff’s success in Brno in Czech Republic on September 3. "Our com-mitment to the WTCC is of enormous value for emotionalising the brand."

In line with Chevrolet's diesel offensive, the compact WTCC Ultra (length/width/height with spoiler: 4,324/1,906/1,569 mm, wheelbase: 2,650 mm) is equipped with a powerful 1,991 cm3 diesel unit generating 139 kW/190 hp. The basic version of the four-cylinder engine is the common rail unit with four-valve technology and variable turbine blade geometry currently powering the Chevrolet Captiva and due to go into the Epica from spring 2007. The increase in performance was achieved by raising the turbo boost pressure.

The WTCC Ultra has a sophisticated independent wheel suspension on McPherson struts on both axles. The lower wheel control at the front is taken care of by an A-frame arm, while at the back, two additional wishbones and one trailing arm link the wheels precisely to the chassis.

To keep the unladen weight as low as possible, the designers of the WTCC Ultra have made plenty of use of modern lightweight materials. The body parts are finished in "Stealth Blue", a further development of the familiar Chevrolet blue, and are made of a glass fibre and carbon fibre laminate. The flat underbody of the fully functioning touring concept car, which also graphically divides up the vehicle because of its dark colour, and the front and rear spoilers are made of a plain weave carbon fibre composite. The window frames and the air inlet grilles at the front are finished in semi gloss dark grey. They make an attractive contrast with the glossy silver-painted wheels and the polished alu-minium door handles, number plate and centrally positioned tailpipes.

Another aerodynamic feature apart from the flat underbody and the spoilers is a rear dif-fuser to create additional downforce.

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Toyota Auris

It's a new name, but Toyota's Auris is still very recognisable as the successor to the Corolla small hatch.

toyota auristoyota auris 2toyota auris 3 With styling derived from the outgoing Corolla, the Auris is still very much a traditional five-door small hatch, albeit with a more pronounced snout to help with pedestrian impact crash tests.

The engine range is also drawn from the Corolla, comprising 1.6- and 1.8-litre petrol units and a 2.2-litre turbodiesel.

Toyota insiders tell us a hot hatch version will follow about a year after the Auris goes on sale at the start of 2007 in the UK.

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Mother trucker

They just can't help themselves. Just when we were beginning to think US car companies were getting a handle on the environment and making fuel-efficient cars, they go and drop the F-450 on us.

Jeez, is this the daddy of all pick-ups or what?

There's no messing about with this beast, and Ford proudly proclaims it as the leader of its Super Duty trucks.

Hard to argue with that when it comes with a 6.4-litre Power Stroke V8, although at least it's a diesel-fuelled engine to keep the greenies happy.

With 650lb ft of torque and 350bhp, this monster can be had with a six-speed manual or five-speed auto.

All F-450s come with the dual rear wheels and a four-door crew cab to take the family to the local tractor pull.

For the sissies, there are F-250 and F-350 pick-ups, but who wants one of those when you can have this monument to steel, chrome and apple pie?

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Alfa leaves Competizione standing

Alfa Romeo's PR people needed mops and buckets to slop up the drool left by the world's media at the unveiling of its 8C Competizione.

Utterly gorgeous in every detail, this 380bhp coupe was one of the show-stoppers at Paris, even taking much of the limelight away from the Audi R8 that will vie for customers with the Alfa.

The 8C's 4.7-litre V8 engine is borrowed from Maserati, so we know it's a screaming beauty.

Alfa says its already taken a fat lot of orders in advance of the 8C's on-sale time of next summer and we're not in the least surprised because we were among the throng drooling over it.

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Renault Tiny dancer

Size zeros may be causing controversy in the fashion world, but Renault obviously still reckons small is beautiful.

renault twingorenault twingo 2 The French manufacturer chose Paris to unveil its latest small concept - the Twingo.

The original Twingo has been hanging around Europe for more than a decade now, but Renault says this is what the replacement for the current model will look like when it hits the UK in late 2007.

The Twingo will be powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine developing 100bhp - the same unit to be found in the next generation of the Clio and Modus. The concept also boasts twin chromed exhausts, and a mixing deck built into the dashboard.

Incidentally, the name Twingo comes from an amalgamation of 'twist', 'swing' and 'tango'. Which, bizarrely, is exactly the dance that editor Paul Regan performs after a long evening of 'networking' at the Paris motor show.

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2006 Ford iosis X Concept

(from Ford Press Release) Ford of Europe's Design team has interpreted the Company's distinctive new 'kinetic design' form language in an exciting new crossover concept - the iosis X – which makes its debut at the 2006 Paris Motor Show.

"We're calling this car iosis X as a deliberate link to our 'kinetic design' concept car lineage started last year," said Martin Smith, Ford of Europe's Executive Design Director. "The link is not just in the name – there's a strong visual relationship between the two cars, and the 'X' signals the new vehicle's crossover capabilities."

"The iosis X is an exciting five-door sports-crossover that proves we can extend the boundaries of kinetic design into a niche market vehicle,” added Smith. "It takes our 'energy in motion' philosophy even further and shows how different Ford cars will be in the future."

One of the specific purposes of iosis X is to prepare the public for the introduction of a future Ford of Europe niche model.

"There's been a lot of speculation about Ford producing a compact crossover or Sport Utility vehicle," said John Fleming, President and CEO, Ford of Europe. "The iosis X is intended to send a very strong message that we will be entering this market in around eighteen months from now, and that our new model will be both stylish and individual."

Fordiosis X is very clearly a concept and is not intended to be representative of this future production model. Instead, it sets out to explore the ways in which Ford's kinetic design form language and detailing can be applied to a niche vehicle in a rugged and exciting way.

"Customers will be able to get a feel for the design direction our production model will take, and when we do reveal that model next year the relationship between it and the iosis X will be immediately apparent," Smith explained.

In a stunning concept at Frankfurt 2005, Martin Smith and his team revealed the new form language that ultimately will be applied in varying levels across Ford's future European vehicle portfolio. The original iosis presented all of the key elements of what Ford identified as 'kinetic design' in their purest form.

“The iosis Concept has been a great ambassador for Ford design,” said Smith, adding “the reception it received from the public and the media gave us the confidence to stretch our design team even further for future Ford vehicles.”

Part of the task since iosis has been to widen the audience for this new look, and to generate a heightened expectation for what Ford is going to do next and demonstrate how 'kinetic design' could translate into other market segments.

The signal for that future direction is now revealed in iosis X. This dramatic concept car sends a clear message that the look of Ford’s European products is changing. Already, elements of kinetic design are appearing in Ford's latest new production models such as the Ford S-MAX and the all-new 2007 Ford Mondeo.

But, as with its concept predecessor, iosis X is not intended to be a future Ford production vehicle.

"What iosis X does do is to move our customers' understanding of our new design language on further," Smith concluded. "It demonstrates that 'kinetic design' is becoming a consistent and enduring reality in Ford's future and it assures them that when Ford enters this particular sector of the market, it will be with an individual and dynamic product that shares much of the excitement of this Concept."

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Family Ford-tune

Perhaps kicking off our Paris coverage with the latest iteration of the archetypal family runabout wasn't the most glamorous move. Nevertheless, Ford's new Mondeo is looking pretty sexy for a five-seat estate.

Admittedly that's a bit like saying that Theresa May is pretty sexy for a Conservative politician, but you catch our drift.

In an effort to rev up the shrinking family car market, Ford has allowed much of the Iosis concept's styling to filter through to the Mondeo.

The show car is an estate, but we're promised saloon and hatch models for the car's launch next spring.

From launch, the engine options are 1.6-, 2.0- and 2.5-litre petrol units, and 1.8- and 2.0-litre turbodiesels.

That's exactly the same as for the S-Max. The reason is the Mondeo shares the same platform as the MPV, so we can already surmise that the Mondeo will be good to drive.

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2008 Galmer Arbitrage GT

(from Galmer Press Release) The Galmer Arbitrage GT ( will prove to be the car that everyone would like to own. It has been designed and engineered to hold up to the most intense scrutiny of the motor sports enthusiast. It is being constructed with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and mostly carbon fiber body that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the nearest competitor in it's class. The secret lies within Cobra International Co., Ltd's experience in lightweight composites and simply the cost of manufacturing in Thailand .

The Galmer Arbitrage GT is a car designed to be everything that a sports car should be without the complexities that exist in other sports cars today. It is a back to basics approach while still using the best of available technology. This concept has given the Galmer Arbitrage GT it's three words that the team lives by everyday; PURE DESIGN, POWER AND PERFORMANCE. The words were prefaced by the understanding the car must be strikingly beautiful to the eye, be as light weight as possible, have a cockpit designed large enough to accommodate a basketball player, and most importantly, the owner should never be afraid to service or repair it. It is with these ideals that the Galmer Arbitrage GT was created.


The original design that inspired the Galmer Arbitrage GT came from Togay Yuvanc, a self taught, 3d designer and highly knowledgeable race car enthusiast. The baseline design was then redesigned for practical purposes and eye appeal, before being sent to Galmer for pre-engineering approval. From the origination of the design, aerodynamics always remained at the forefront. CFD testing was done to screen out any serious airflow and aerodynamic issues. After several corrections to body curves due to headlight clearance issues, window opening issues and wheelbase adjustments due to the powertrain change to the LS7, The design remains fixed at what you see in the gallery section of the website. The worldwide feedback after the release of the design was overwhelmingly positive. Indeed all of us breathed a little easier after daily checks of the hundreds of websites that reviewed the press release and pictures of the car.


The Galmer Arbitrage GT has been designed and engineered for extremely high speed track stability. The underbody of the car is completely unique and never seen on a road car or any available "out of the box" sportscar ever produced. The suspension is particularly unique with every piece specifically designed for the Galmer Arbitrage GT. Until the track testing is completed, we will not make any performance claims. But sure you will see this car at a 24hr race in the near future. Basically this car is "race ready" with everything in it's place. At the same time, tame enough to drive around town.


Because of the enormous cost of homologation for the USA market, the Galmer Arbitrage GT will be exported into the USA without the powertrain and many of the parts that have been sourced outside of thailand . All cars will arrive at a staging area in the USA that will do the final consolidation of all parts and process the final “packaging” for each individual car. Once the packaging is complete, it is our goal that the buyer or the buyers chosen assembler, can assemble the car in less than 100 man hours. A complete assembly dvd and manual will be included with each car. Cobra International Co., Ltd. does not provide the engine or transaxle, but a list of prefered suppliers will be posted on the website at a later time. The Galmer Arbitrage GT will indeed set the bar for modern kit cars of this generation. nothing is from a donor car. nothing from a salvage yard. Everything is new and specific for each car. Every part is numbered accordingly. Every part that is to be painted is painted already according to the customers instructions. There is only the assembly of each beautifully crafted part. The wiring harness is preinstalled. This makes the everything just plug and play, with no hassles.


Back in the beginning, the VW/AUDI 3.2 liter V6 twin turbocharged engine mated to a DSG gearbox was the drivetrain of choice for the Galmer Arbitrage GT. Indeed at that time we were very excited about this match-up. But after several months it was clear that neither VW and the potential buyers were that interested in this drivetrain being put into the Galmer Artbitrage GT. So the team went back to the drawing board and selected the most powerful small block V8 ever made; the 7 liter, 505 horsepower, Chevrolet LS7 . It was the best "second" choice we have made on this project. Firstly, this engine has 505 horsepower out of the box. The tuning potential is enormous, not to mention that Chevrolet is talking about a LSX 800+ horsepower engine that will be able to go into the Galmer Arbitrage GT without any problems. Another factor that aided in our decision was emissions. Being a tuner of European cars for many years in the USA, Kevin Gallahan understood that the VW/AUDI 3.2 liter V6 twin turbocharged engine would not pass emissions requirements in most states. The LS7 in the Galmer Arbitrage GT, will be able to pass through 50 USA states' emissions control.

To get the power to the wheels, The Galmer Arbitrage GT will be using a custom made, GEARFOX, 6 speed transaxle. Look for specifications for this transaxle in the upcoming days on the website.


The interior was another very serious issue for the team. Many, many designs were submitted and consequently rejected for one reason or the other. The important factors involved with the interior was style, flexibility, left hand drive/right hand drive changeability, and overall access to gauges, HVAC, and accessories. The current interior design gives the owner an infinite number of choices for color and texture of materials as well as easy change-outs for gauges and data loggers or Motec type dashboards. Weight savings was also constantly considered during the design process. A digital touchscreen interface provided by I Squared will be used for many features of the electronics, while still using some tactile switches when necessary. The Galmer Arbitrage GT will come standard with a Pioneer AV unit and navigation system. The rear view mirror can be replaced with a triple LCD screen version for left/right/center rear view cameras as seen in the gallery. Another available option will be fingerprint recognition for secure entrance into the car as well as starting the vehicle. Seating options will be numerous with fully adjustable to fixed carbon fiber racing seats available. Look for these choices on the website later. Although carpeting may be available, we just don't understand why someone would want to cover all that carbon fiber. Instead, we recommend using the custom made Galmer leather floor mats.

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The luxury Le Mans racer ?

The folks on the Peugeot stand looked like the cats that got the cream after unveiling the 908 RC concept car.

peugeot 908 RCpeugeot 908 RC 2peugeot 908 RC 3 The 908 itself was looking more like an angry lion, with its bold muscular face and 'whiskers' ahead of the front wheel.

Well, it's a concept car and flights of fancy are the order of the day.

At the back of the 908 RC things are more serious, as the 700bhp V12 turbodiesel engine is the same unit that will power Peugeot's Le Mans racer in 2007.

Mid-mounted, the engine still leaves plenty of space in the cabin for four generously spaced seats and all the luxury you could point a baton at.

We love the way the windscreen arcs up and over to flow into the roof, which Peugeot says will be something to feature on future production models.

However, the same people say the 908 is very unlikely to be anything other than a concept.

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Russian Attack: Tuner Twists 6 Series Into Classic Volga

MOSCOW — When one thinks of road-racing superstars, the Soviet-era Volga probably does not come to mind. Nevertheless, in weekend racing on the streets of Moscow, Russian tuning company A:Level turned out a BMW 6 Series convertible reclothed to look like an old Volga.

volgavolga 2volga 3 One dead giveaway that the car was something, well, better than it appeared is that there never was a production open-top Volga.
A:Level's custom car resembles the 1960s Volga bestseller M21, which was exported outside Soviet territory to Western European countries including Belgium and France.
A:Level was inspired by a wave of nostalgia when it applied the design cues of the old sedan to a BMW 6 Series convertible. The German luxury car's 368-horsepower 4.6-liter V8 engine and interior were left unchanged.

The A:Level team published a series of photos depicting the project that you can see on the forum.
The car made its public debut over the weekend at the Formula Don-Stroy race, an event for "two-door sports cars with power not less than 300 hp and acceleration to 62 mph in not more than 5 seconds."
The Volga-look BMW convertible appeared among a slew of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and other much more serious hardware and caused a stir there.

The people behind A:Level created an earlier Volga look-alike a few years ago, from a BMW 850i coupe. More recently, the company exhibited an ultra-luxury sports car, under the resurrected Russo-Baltique brand name.

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Mercedes Promises Legal Diesels for SUVs in 2008

MONTVALE, New Jersey — Mercedes-Benz said it will offer diesel-powered editions of its sport-utility triplets — the M-, R- and GL-Class vehicles — in calendar-year 2008 that will meet the EPA's stringent new Bin5 emissions standards in all 50 states.

mercedes bluetecAll three vehicles have been introduced over the past year, and all three are assembled in Alabama.

The SUVs will be equipped with the automaker's new Bluetec clean-diesel technology. One of the processes that Mercedes will introduce is a urea-injection system that it says will help reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions by up to 80 percent.

This fall, Mercedes will launch the E320 Bluetec sedan, fitted with a Bluetec 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel, which it says is the only diesel in the U.S. market certified to meet the EPA's Bin8 standards.

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New Wrangler set for Paris debut

As US car makers try ever harder to understand European tastes and build vehicles to suit us limeys and surrender monkeys, it's good to see Jeep is keeping faith with Uncle Sam.

jeep wrangler Slap bang in the middle of cheese-eating territory, Jeep is launching its new Wrangler at the Paris motor show later this week (read our Paris preview).

The Wrangler will be on display in traditional two-door form and new four-door, long-wheelbase Unlimited guise.

One concession Jeep has made to Europe is a new diesel engine for the Wrangler. The 2.8-litre turbodiesel unit is said to be ideally suited for off-road work, but those who like hanging around petrol stations can still opt for the 3.8-litre petrol version.

Yes, we know it's about as subtle as Tarzan on heat, and as American as drive-by shootings, but we still like it. Pass me my Stetson, maw, I'm off to hunt me some hobos.

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2007 Rinspeed Imola based on Porsche Cayman

(from Rinspeed Press Release) The Swiss Porsche tuner Rinspeed transforms the Porsche Cayman also optically in an more bitingly reptile. The effect-orange color paint exclusively mixed by the German paint manufacturer Lesonal lets the ducked reptile appear to be even more aggressive and dynamic.

Rinspeed Imola Porsche CaymanRinspeed Imola Porsche Cayman 2Rinspeed Imola Porsche Cayman 3Rinspeed Imola Porsche Cayman 4The already outstanding road performance is joined by a sophisticated aerodynamic package which doesn't leave any wish unfulfilled. Rinspeed has modified the Cayman characteristics with a low front skirt which takes design clues from the Indy look which was introduces for the 997 model series.
The big carbon air intakes with the integrated parking lights remind of the current 997 Turbo model. New side skirts let the power house from Stuttgart appear lowered and sleeker. The complete rear skirt features a carbon difusor insert.
Special attention was given to the exchangeable rear skirt inserts which allow either center or a dual exhaust systems. Headers, metal catalytic converters and stainless steel exhaust systems round up the exciting program.

The contact to the road is taken care by the well established five spoke aluminum wheels C5/1 in the format of 8.5 x 20" with tires of the dimension 235/30-20 at the front axle and 11 x 20" with tires 305/25-20 at the rear. The suspension is lowered by 25mm by an especially laid out and engineered suspension kit which is adapted to the serial PASM system. Four way adjustable coil over suspension kits are also available.

The interior is enhanced by a sporty steering wheel in F1 look, aluminum shift knob, aluminum pedals sets, emergency brake lever as well as velour floor mats.

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Pink Smart strikes a pose

Buy a Smart, pull the ladies. Not the first thing we'd have thought of when marketing a Smart ForTwo.

pink smart The visionary thought behind this picture is London Fashion Week, so we suppose the real message is that the Smart is an essential fashion accessory for the clinically skinny.

Anyway, can you pull in a pink Smart ?

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Aston is 'UK's coolest brand'

Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.

For a fleeting moment there, Aston Martin was the most desirable sports car manufacturer in the universe. We knew, you knew, anyone who loves cars knew, but we all kept schtum for fear of it being hijacked by trend-spotters wearing jeans that sit too low on their waists.

aston martin Well, it's happened, and you can tell this lot take it way too seriously when they call themselves the CoolBrands Council. Announced at their CoolLive - obviously doing away with the spaces between words is cool - Aston Martin was named the UK's coolest brand.

So, it's all over for Aston.

Maybe Ford had advance knowledge of this award and decided to put Aston up for sale before the judges of CoolBrands shattered its credibility.

We can only hope that the new James Bond flick will help redress the balance and dignity of Aston.

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2007 Lincoln MKX Marked at $35,000

DEARBORN, Mich. — Lincoln has announced that its front-wheel-drive 2007 MKX crossover will carry a starting price of $34,795, including a $675 destination charge, when it makes its debut in November. The all-wheel-drive MKX starts at $36,445.

lincoln 2007 mkxlincoln 2007 mkx 2 The MKX is considerably cheaper than such Japanese competitors as the redesigned 2007 Acura MDX, which has a starting price of $40,665, including a $670 destination charge.

The MKX is equipped with a 265-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 linked to a six-speed automatic transmission. Standard features include 18-inch aluminum wheels, eight-way power front seats, dual climate control, antilock brakes and side curtain airbags.

Options on the MKX include adaptive headlights, heated and cooled front seats, a power liftgate, a rear-seat DVD entertainment system and Sirius Satellite Radio.

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C4 to replace all-conquering Xsara

How do you replace a car that holds the record for the most consecutive World Rally Championship wins - not to mention three manufacturers' and two drivers' titles?

citroe c4 wrccitroen c4 wrc 2 That's the problem facing Citroen Sport as its world-beating Xsara WRC reaches the end of its lifespan.

And the solution it has come up with is this, the C4 WRC.

The rally-tuned version of Citroen's family hatch will be unveiled at this week's Paris motor show.

Citroen Sport has ditched the funky glass roof for obvious reasons, but apart from that it looks a pretty close relation of its road-legal cousin.

All of which raises hopes of a hotter version of the C4 hitting British roads one day. We certainly wouldn't say no to the WRC's two-litre turbocharged flat-four, which produces 315bhp at 5,500rpm.

But until we can get our hands on one, we'll have to make do with watching the all-conquering Sébastien Loeb driving the WRC in next year's championship. Would you put money on him losing? You would? Fool.

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Hydrogen 7-Series launched

Think of hydrogen as a fuel, and images of the Hindenburg going down in a torrent of flames fill the mind.

However, this has not deterred the Germans, and BMW is about to launch a hydrogen-powered 7-Series.

The eco-friendly Hydrogen 7 saloon will be fitted with the 6.0-litre V12 engine from the current 760i.

It won't have quite the blistering performance of its petrol-powered sibling, though, because its 0-60mph time has been toned down to a sedate 9.5 seconds. Top speed will be electronically limited to 143mph.

BMW says the Hydrogen 7 will be fitted with all the usual 7-Series gubbins, and will flip between standard unleaded petrol and hydrogen at the touch of a button on the steering wheel.

Sufficient hydrogen is stored to drive the car for 125 miles before resorting back to petrol for a further 300 miles.

The car makes its first appearance at this weekend's Ryder Cup golf tournament in Ireland before its official unveiling at the Los Angeles motor show in November.

BMW says it will build 100 Hydrogen 7s in 2007 and supply them to selected customers in the hope they don't go down like, er, lead balloons.

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Tuner Makes the Arden Range Rover Sport AR6 Stronger

KREFELD, Germany — German tuner Arden Automobilbau adds to its awesome arsenal with an even higher-powered edition of the mighty Range Rover Sport.

 Range Rover Sport Range Rover Sport 2Dubbed AR6 Stronger, this potent SUV starts with a huge dose of adrenaline under the hood, where Arden has hiked the supercharged V8's displacement to 4.8 liters, increasing output to 520 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque. Despite the vehicle's considerable mass, 0-60-mph acceleration takes a mere 5.9 seconds.
The Arden body kit includes front and rear spoilers, the latter with an integral diffuser. The rear fascia shrouds a stainless-steel exhaust system with sport catalytic converter.
Arden also has fitted 22-inch light alloy wheels and low-profile performance tires, so don't try to take this puppy off-road.
Uprated brakes and a modified and lowered electronic air suspension system are part of the package.Arden's in-house saddlery provides customized upholstery and trim for the cabin, tailored to the customer's request.For more information, see the Arden Web site.

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Lamborghini Gallardo Nera

SANT'AGATA BOLOGNESE, Italy — Automobili Lamborghini will unveil a limited edition of its 2007 Gallardo called the Nera that will serve as a showcase for the company's Ad Personam personalization service.

The program provides a wide range of choices in customizing the cabin and exterior to individual customers' tastes.

Lamborghini Gallardo NeraLamborghini Gallardo Nera 2 Production of the Gallardo Nera will be limited to 185 cars, available in two shades — Nero Serapis and Nero Noctis — with matte black mirrors, spoiler, roof section, side sills and rear apron. Even the custom Callisto wheels are painted matte black.

The duochromatic interior is done in black and white — actually, Nero Perseus and Bianco Polar — with the opportunity for each customer to personalize their car down to the smallest detail. The black leather seats are trimmed in white piping and feature a unique stitching pattern. There is also hand-stitched leather trim on the doors, steering wheel, handbrake and gearshift levers.

Standard features include a navigation system, rearview camera and on-board computer. Among the options are an automatic transmission, carbon ceramic brakes and a transparent engine cover.

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